Is Angelina Jolie A Real Life Maleficent?

Jane Bond, a commenter on, has posted a first-hand experience with the Mistress Of Evil.

The post reads:

I actually have personal experience with these two. Back when AJ was pregnant with the twins, they were living in my city while Brad was filming nearby. Zahara and Pax were attending the daycare my daughter attended. Z was in our class. It was NUTS.

All parents had to turn their cellphones into school management during their entire stay – almost 4 months. Parents received a “if you tell anyone they are here, expect to be sued” letter along with specific instructions that we were not allowed to speak to or look directly at Queen Angie. You know, nice and neighborly.

Brad would bring the children in the morning. Drove his own vehicle. Kids clearly adored him and they seemed very happy together. He would personally deliver them to their classrooms and hang out until they were settled, watching protectively over them but not making any fanfare of any kind – clearly trying to help them have as normal an experience as possible.

When Angie came to pick them up, it was like a military operation. She would show up in big hats, dark glasses, would not speak to anyone and made staff rush everyone out and hold parents outside on the parking lot so as not to cross her path. Big black SUV, driver, security personnel. Just total contrast to how Brad went about his time with the kids. Never saw her smile in 4 months.

FWIW, the kids acted very differently around her than they did him. Not as much smiling or affection at all. They did not strike me as a happy family then but you could tell Brad LOVED being a dad. Next thing you know, they were off to France to deliver the twins.